About me

It’s all started as a hobby for my free time, as my own private place in which I can transfer my point of view in automotive industry. It was almost 5years ago, around 2009-2010 when I slowly taking step by step more into the daily automotive news from my local and not only. Currently all based on Japan brands. JDM . It’s worldwide known, that Japan market and the performance market was timeliness  from privates, teams, businesses , etc.

So in this blog, there will be a spot for news around the world, with pictures and video at it’s best.

There is also an opportunity for anyone who wants to introduce something from personal build or business talk (a daily tuned car or a race car), contact me so we can introduce that global.

There is a corner that keeps inside news which are hiding something special. Japcorner it is and I hope to be able to give you the worlds best examples to your screens!

Stay tuned also on facebook – Japcorner.

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